Exhibitor Briefing

Event Greening Forum

These half-day workshops were held to give exhibitors comprehensive introduction to the how and why of event greening. The specific focus was on exhibitions and exhibiting, in preparation for Meetings Africa 2018 and Africa’s Travel Indaba 2018. However, the principles apply to all types of events and therefore anyone who wanted to better understand sustainable event practices were welcome to attend.

We promised that we would put the 2 presentations – Meetings Africa A Case Study and Sustainable Events – Getting it Right – up on the website. You can find them here:


A short survey for your feedback will be sent out on Monday, and we’ll really appreciate it if you will take the time to respond.

Photos from the event have been posted to our Facebook page and Twitter profile, in case you’d like to see them.


For more information, please contact Lynn McLeod on lynn@eventgreening.co.za or +27 82 891 5883.