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Loyalty Club Lounge
Arena Concourse & Fig Tree Courtyard

Since the inception of INDABA, the exhibition has gained a large following of repeat loyal, local and international buyers attending the show. All Loyal buyers who attend INDABA for 3 consecutive years or more are given INDABA Club Member status, which includes a few benefits to set them apart from first time buyers. Pure Grit has created a Loyalty Programme that rewards loyal Local and International buyers. The rewards include but are not limited to; a quiet yet vibrant area to ensure our Buyers relax and unwind, have a cup of coffee, catch up on some reading and have a quiet moment during the bustle of the Exhibition. The Loyalty lounge is frequented by media and Loyalty Club members who are key stakeholders and decision makers. INDABA would like to offer sponsors massive exposure by partnering with them and subsidise the Loyalty Club programme.

ICC Business Centre & Internet Café
ICCD First Floor

On the first floor next to the Media Centre, the Internet café and Business Centre is located right next to the Media Centre for optimal visibility. This area is frequented by exhibitors, buyers and media who are able to log onto the internet, print, photocopy and fax. The sponsor will have branding rights in these areas. The banners cannot impose any safety risk so again this will be at ICCD’s discretion. Where banners will be removed should they pose a risk.

The area can be set up as a lounge area with furniture. Tea, coffee and biscuits could also be served to the visitors. This will be for the sponsors’ own account and is not included in the sponsorship package. All catering and beverage required to be ordered through the ICCD. The Sponsor will be allowed to place 4 pull up banners in the area as well as directional signage at the foot of the staircase.

DEC Business Centre & Internet Café
DEC First Floor

On the first floor in the DEC hall 2, this area overlooks the entire exhibition hall, giving a sponsor visibility because of the height and optimal exposure based on the sqm of branding space. A private area which is used to create an upmarket lounge/relaxation environment where meetings can be conducted and VIP clients entertained. The sponsor will have full branding rights in this area which must be clearly marked on all maps and site plans.

DEC Business Meeting Lounge
DEC Snack Bar

This area is used as a passage from the outside into the DEC Hall 2, creating walk through traffic. It is an excellent space which was used very effectively in the past with the sponsor branding and taking ownership of the space. This sponsorship is great for a company interested in targeting Municipalities, Provinces and Government Product. The DEC is reserved for exhibitors hosted by national, provincial tourism departments and local government (municipalities).

The sponsor will be allowed to set up this area with draping (which must be fire retarded) and limited furniture. This is however not included in the Sponsorship package and is for your own expense. The sponsor will also have branding rights in this area, while all branding will be for the sponsor’s own account. The sponsor may use the space to set up laptops, display products interactive displays in order to engage with delegates.

Beer Garden

The Beer Garden is located outdoors, next to the Mystrals. This prime position, set in an open area provides the sponsor with the opportunity to design the space as they wish, expressing an atmosphere that represents their brand. The Beer Garden is opened from 12 – 5pm on the first two days and closes at 4pm on the last day. In adhering to the Liquor Act Law in South Africa, the sponsor will be required to produce a valid liquor license as well as lodge an application with the Durban International Convention Centre in order to sell alcoholic beverages to delegates.

The sponsor has the opportunity to serve delegates with branded cups, trays as well as other promotional items. Should the sponsor wish to have activations take place within the Beer Garden, a detailed activation proposal will need to be sent to Pure Grit for approval.

Media Centre
ICCD First Floor

This package is the perfect platform for a sponsor to generate significant brand visibility and awareness to the international and local media attending INDABA. The Media Centre is used daily by over 500 media who constantly create new content to upload to to their respective Media Houses. The Media Centre is also used to conduct formal interviews with the likes of the South African Tourism CEO, Ministers and Head of Departments.

The Media Centre comes fully equipped with printers, desktops, fax, photo desks and full high speed Wi-Fi capabilities.

This is the hub of media activity, a melting pot of stories in different languages and in most instances, considered the heart of INDABA.

ICC Main Concourse

The ICC Main Concourse has a constant stream of foot traffic daily. Sponsors have the opportunity to be seen first as delegates, exhibitor and media enter INDABA. This offers increased brand visibility of your company’s presence to buyers, exhibitors and media at INDABA – this location offers sponsors massive exposure as it hosts traffic from all entrances into the various ICC halls and courtyards. Space is limited and will be given on a first come first serve basis.

ICC Main Restaurant
ICCD Room 12

The restaurant is located in the busiest exhibition areas and is frequented by around 70% of all delegates. It is a full sit down buffet restaurant where delegates will have the opportunity to relax, take a break, have lunch and read information gathered from the Exhibition. Should a sponsor wish to get a message across or launch a new product etc. This is the ideal location.

This will maximise your exposure to all buyers / exhibitors and media of your company’s presence at INDABA.

Central Courtyard Seating Area
ICCD Central Courtyard

This fantastic opportunity will provide a hub of brand exposure to all buyers, exhibitors and media of your company’s presence at INDABA – located in an open area covered by a canopy of trees, this space is flanked by two main exhibition spaces.

The courtyard is the hub of activity throughout the exhibition. It acts as a thoroughfare between the two exhibition spaces and a dining and meeting area for all delegates to network.

Branding opportunities are immense with visibility and traffic here being the most intense, than in any other public space throughout the exhibition.

Southern Courtyard Seating Area
ICCD Southern Courtyard

This opportunity will be a constant reminder to all buyers, exhibitors and media of your company’s presence at INDABA – This courtyard provides a second walkway between the ICC and the DEC. The area is one of the high visibility and is used by the minister during his walkabout.

Branding can deliver the impact that is desired as it can be visible from both the ICC as well as the walkabout road.

DEC Restaurant
DEC Outer Limits

The Outer Limits Restaurant is located in the heart of the DEC and is a popular eating area with delegates who are too busy to venture out as they have limited free time between meetings.

The Branding opportunities are quite effective, as sponsors have access to a captive audience for 3 days. Branding napkins, menus, table cloths, banners and other promotional material are all options a sponsor can explore in this area. All branding and artwork is for the account of the sponsor. No branding to be stuck on walls or windows. A detailed plan must be sent for approval to Pure Grit and the ICCD at least one month prior to the event taking place.

Digital Touch Screens

Your organisation will gain immense exposure from the branding of the Digital Touch Screens. Eight of these screens are strategically located near the ICCD hall entrances and the DEC entrances. This allows delegates to digitally source information on how to navigate around the venue. The exact location of the boards is determined on site to ensure that they adhere to the venue safety and security regulations. The ICCD Fire Chief and Risk Manager to approve location.

The sponsor can be sure that whenever buyers and media view the digital maps, the sponsor’s name, logo and stand details will be the first thing they see. Adverts will be rotated on a loop, giving the sponsor the opportunity to have multiple messaging opportunities.

Lead Pads & Pens

Each exhibiting company at INDABA will receive 2 lead pads and 2 pens on arrival of the first day in their INDABA bags. In addition, all information booths will be stocked with lead pads and pens should anyone need. 4800 lead pads and pens have to be produced and branded with the sponsor’s logo. All design, production and manufacturing to be provided and supplied by the sponsor.

Branding to be approved by Pure Grit Prior to manufacturing.

INDABA Staff Shirt Co-Branding

Your organisation will gain massive exposure by co-branding the Indaba host/hostess shirts. Approximately 100 people will be employed by Indaba to act as hosts and hostesses all over and for the entire duration of the exhibition. Their roles will include managing the registration desks, the information booths, acting as porters, replenishing the brochure stands, waitrons and general assistance to the Indaba team. The printing design and manufacturing for 600 shirts will be required. Your organisation will have the right to co brand the shirts together with South African Tourism (SAT).

Cost for printing and design of the shirts are included in the shirt banding package amount.

Design and printing of the shirts will be done by Pure Grit.

INDABA Delegate Bags

INDABA delegate bag sponsorship is one of the best ways to create long lasting brand awareness at INDABA.

These great quality INDABA delegate bags guarantee a high level of exposure to attendees at INDABA. The sponsorship of Conference bags is geared for a company that requires high, long lasting visibility. This package ensures that your company's name stands out not only at INDABA but also long after the event.

As the Indaba delegate bag sponsor your company's name and logo will appear co-branded alongside South African Tourism. The conference bags are distributed to all Indaba attendees.

Main Hall Entrances

There are a limited number of main hall entrances available for branding in either the ICCD (Halls 2, 3, 4) or DEC (Halls 1, 2) allowing sponsors to increase their visibility and exposure. The hall branding includes limited entrances landscaped with plants, limited furniture and pull up banners (all production and manufacture – sponsor to provide.)

No displays, notices or artwork will be permitted to be stuck on the walls, doors or entrance frames/borders. Any branding on the entrance frames must be attached in such a way that it cannot damage the frame in any way. This will be subject to approval in writing from the ICCD prior to the event taking place.

Indaba Delegate Bags inserts

INDABA delegate bag sponsorship is a fantastic way of targeting all participants at INDABA.

INDABA distributes approximately 12 000 branded delegate bags to all Exhibitors, Sponsors, Buyers, Hosted Buyers and Media who attend INDABA over the 3 day period.

Sponsorship includes 1 piece of marketing collateral in each INDABA bag. Marketing material is limited to an A4 size

Branding Area ICC Hall 3 Foyer

This is a prime location which is in high demand. Hall 3 foyer boasts a high traffic flow which in turn will provide your organisation with maximum brand awareness and exposure for the duration of the show. This is 5x5 sqm space where a shell scheme stand can be erected. It is important that the sponsor arrange for a site visit in order to plan the stand design. There is a pillar (height: 2.9m and diameter: 30cm) in the centre of the allocated space which the sponsor will have to take into consideration.

Basement Pillar Branding

The basement area off the ICCD is a parking zone for exhibitors’ vehicles and VIP guests of Indaba. This is a high traffic zone of the ICCD and therefore the pillar branding will gain huge exposure.

These pillars are located on the main walkway which leads from the basement into the lower foyer of the ICCD, just before you would get to the escalators.

It is the responsibility of the sponsor to ensure any signage or hooks removed from these pillars are replaced and kept as they were when the branding is taken down.

Information Booths

Six (6) information booths are strategically located in high traffic areas at INDABA. Your organisation will enjoy branding on facing panels (inside) of the information booths. All booth designs (excluding graphics) and production will be done by Pure Grit at no additional cost to your organisation.

Information Stand Distribution
Targetting Exhibitors, Buyers & Media

Magazines/Newspapers : can be distributed for free to exhibitors/buyers included in a stand next to four (4) information booths. Two strategically stands placed in the ICCD and two stands placed in the DEC - anything from an A3, A4 to A5 will be permitted. Exact location of the stands to be announced and must adhere to the venue safety and security regulations. ICCD Fire Chief and Risk Manager to approve location.

Information Stand Branding
Targetting Exhibitors, Buyers & Media

An exciting opportunity exists to brand the brochure stands placed next to four information booths. Two strategically placed brochure stands in the ICCD and two brochure stands placed in the DEC. Your organisation will have the right to brand all available panels on the stand. Your organisation will also have the right to fill the entire top shelf with their own brochures.

Website Online Advertising

A wide variety of online advertising banners are available for high visibility at These banners are available on a section specific or global website basis. The INDABA website receives in excess of 6 million hits a year from local and international traffic.

Website Footer

On this website landing page, sponsors can be given more exposure by having their logo on the website footer, which is visible on all web pages.

Trade Catalogue

Online profile photo package – includes a logo, company profile and single image online & hyperlink (Exhibitor Trade Catalogue Landing Page)

A sponsor entry on the trade catalogue consists of a single image, company name with website link, logo and a 50 word company profile.

Zones Advertisements

The zones are only accessible to registered INDABA Exhibitors, Buyers and Media. There are two options available (at the top and below the navigation on the left hand side) for each of the following distinct user sections on the website:

  1. Exhibitor Zone
  2. Buyer Zone
  3. Media Zone

Ads are shown on every page within the respective zones.

Digital Catalogue Advertising

This 300 page digital (DVD) guide on INDABA 2017 is freely distributed to everyone attending the exhibition. This catalogue has proved to be a successful annual advertising medium used by international buyers and exhibitors. Picture and profiles for exhibitors are the entry point for advertising to enhance your own profile while quarter, half and full page adverts are also available.

INDABA Business Planner Advertising

Delegates to the exhibition use the Indaba Business Planner extensively. This booklet contains all events, meeting schedule and relevant information i.e. shuttle schedule / emergency numbers etc. and is distributed in all brochure stands next to the information booths..

Pocket Map Advertising

Pocket maps easy to fold site plans are produced and made available on the brochure stands and at all the information booths. These pocket maps include an alphabetical list of all exhibitors and offer 8 advertising panels, each A6 in size – based on a first come first serve basis. Limited to 8 advertisers.

INDABA and Plasma Screen Advertising

A very limited number of public address announcements are made during the exhibition. All events and functions are advertised and announced on the Indaba screens strategically located around the exhibition.

A sponsor also has the option have their advert, run on 4 x plasma screens, strategically located at each of the main hall entrances, as well as all screens hanging from the ceiling of the ICC concourse.

Advertising slots available in 5 sec, 15 sec and 30 sec adverts, static or animated video (without audio).