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7 Day Family Tour Northern Tanzani By Rush2Tanzania
$1 260 Per Person Sharing Expires: 30 April 2018

Safarisource was founded by Jessika Nilsson who, while working on her PhD in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania discovered that both tourists and tour operators were dissatisfied with how safaris had been booked. Travelers complained about the lack of transparancy and the difficulty to book tours. They often did not know what they were getting themselves into and relied on 'travel experts' who knew little of the safari itself. Operators complained about being at mercy of international travel agents taking extremely high cuts without any involvement in the actual tour. The first time the local operator would speak to a tourist and discover their preferences would be at their arrival in Africa. Troubled by the issues both tourists and local operators were facing, it was not until returning to Europe to complete her doctorate that Jessika found a solution. She became an Airbnb host to help finance her studies. This is when she realized that applying the technology of the sharing economy to the safari industry was the answer.

Safarisource offers complete transparency in safaris with an intuitive search, a messaging system between operator and traveler and a booking and payment system offering bookings in just a few clicks. Our aim is to empower local tour operators and make the safari experience more personal, transparent, affordable and up-to-date with the technological advancements that have modernized the travel industry in the past years. 

Safarisource is a multinational start up based outside Brussels, Belgium and Cape Town, South Africa, with offices in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Arusha, Tanzania

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Contact Name: Loserian Laizer
Contact Number: +32 4682 18640
Email: loserian@safarisource.com