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Accreditation Information

Our public relations team is dedicated to helping you source all the media information you need about Africa’s Travel Indaba.

As a registered member of the media you will be provided:

  • Full access to the Media Centre
  • The best interview opportunities with Africa’s Travel Indaba spokespeople, guest speakers, exhibitors and buyers, when available.
  • All the latest Africa’s Travel Indaba news in the form of news releases, news snippets and media alerts.
  • Relevant case studies for any features you may be writing.
  • All the images you need to accompany your articles.
  • Onsite media support in the Africa’s Travel Indaba media office.

Accreditation Criteria

Print Media

Only one journalist/reporter or editor per relevant printed publication will be accredited to attend Africa’s Travel Indaba as a media delegate to cover stories on Africa’s Travel Indaba and the travel industry.

TV, Radio and Production Houses

Accreditations are limited to essential personnel – TV Crew, Presenters, Production Managers, and technical staff etc., and are approved at the discretion of South African Tourism.

Media Validation Requirements

South African Tourism reserves the right to request the following validations before granting accreditation: Recognised Media or Press Card, Letter of assignment on official letterhead from the Editor or Bureau Chief. Freelance travel writers may be requested to provide two by line editorial stories.

International Media

The above three mentioned accreditation applies to both international and local media representatives. Please contact the South African Tourism office nearest to you. Details are available on South African Tourism’s official website, under the Contact Us tab.

Accreditation applications from Advertising Personnel and Media Sales Representatives will not be accepted.

Accreditation Queries