A Must See Tech Talk at INDABA!

7 May 2016

Sam Mensah, Founder and CEO of KISUA applies lessons from using digital technology to build a global African fashion business to small businesses in the tourism sector.
A Must See Tech Talk at INDABA!

Details for Sam Mensah Media Talk:

Date: Sunday 9th May

Time: 16:00

Venue: Room 21 ABC

Topic: Lessons from African fashion: Using digital technologies to grow small business in tourism

About Kisua

KISUA is a unique fashion brand offering exclusive African-inspired womenswear. Launched by CEO Sam Mensah Jr in 2013 with Ozwald Boateng as Advisory Board Chairman, KISUA (meaning ‘well-dressed person’ in Coastal Swahili) works with African designers to create unique capsule collections alongside its in-house line and global collaborations. Inspired by the sights, sounds and tastes of Africa, KISUA blends traditional techniques and materials with a contemporary design aesthetic to create exquisite, top quality African fashion pieces for the modern woman.

For more information, visit Kisua on - https://www.kisua.com/

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